Stewards of Stewart
Stewart State Forest
Volunteer Trail Work

Stewards of Stewart (SOS) is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization authorized by the NYS DEC to do trail maintenance, clear blow-downs, etc. in Stewart State Forest. Stewart is our playground and caring for the trails, is our way to give back.

Our primary goals are:

• Sustainable Trails for All Users
Many trails in Stewart suffer damage because of trail design which guarantees erosion. Through careful maintenance and occasional reroutes we can build fun and sustainable trails for all of Stewart’s trail users.

• Signs on the trails and trail names on maps– so all trail users can find their way around.

We have lots of work to do (see our Wish List page) and if you want to help, email us your name, address, and phone number. As a volunteer worker you will be asked to complete a DEC form so that you are included under NYS Workers Compensation and liability coverage. You can also add yourself to the SOS mail list through this website.

Thank you,
Stewards of Stewart

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