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From: "Stewards of Stewart" <dcbird@hvc.rr.com>
Subject: Trail work for SPARC's 2012 Stewart State Forest Bike Tour
Date: Mon May 16 18:08:32 2016

SOS Volunteers,

Attached are maps of probable routes for SPARC’s 2012 Stewart State Forest Bike Tour – to be held on June 3, 2012. The loops are not final.

Bill Shields, one of three SOS founders, designs the various routes and organizes most trail related activities. He wants to set up teams (2 – 3 riders each) to learn, clean, mark, pre-run, sweep, and clean-up assigned sections of the trails. The total miles for each team will depend on how much help we can get. Bring your friends! We don’t need expert riders, just competent, reliable woods folk who are willing to work.

The time commitment required will likely be 2 or 3 rides to learn and clean (prune) a section of trails, a ride the week before 6/3 to mark your team's section, and a fairly long day on 6/3 to pre-run, sweep, and clean-up the routes.

Please let us know if you can help. Once we have some idea of who’s willing, we’ll gather and decide how to best approach this adventure. Some other SOS members have already volunteered, but we can always use more help.

Most trails are in passable shape now but all will require some additional manicuring, especially when Spring gets rolling! Some of the Expert sections use pretty (very) obscure trails. These will require more cleaning than the core trails.

Some inside information on the ride:

The Start / Finish is at the corner of Weed Road and Ridge Road.

The Road and Trail-Lite loops are unchanged from 2011. There isn’t much choice with these loops. We plan to run the loops clockwise this year.

The Intermediate (16.6 miles) and Expert (23+ miles) also run clockwise. There are 6 Expert sections this year.

Think about it – it’s another reason why you have to go for more rides.

PS - Some of you may have gotten two copies of this - one without maps