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From: "Stewards of Stewart" <tomgus@warwick.net>
Subject: Stewards of Stewart February 2016 News
Date: Mon May 16 07:35:04 2016

This winter’s unusual weather has allowed many additional days of mountain biking sans snow covered trails. Unfortunately, some riders ignored the fact that when the earth is soft, deep tire ruts are easily formed that hasten the deterioration of trails. Please be responsible and stay off those trails that are subject to these soft earth conditions so you do not make tire ruts and please spread the word to those who have not yet learned this information. It was reported recently that a few motorcycle riders have been tearing up sections of trails and some planks off a few bridges. If you happen to see this happening please immediately report it to the DEC Forest Rangers at 845 256-3026 and provide specific information that hopefully can lead to the arrest of the perpetrators. A Stewart biker said that when he rides he often does trail maintenance work and this year he was told by a DEC Ranger that he could not do that without a volunteer agreement in his possession. The Stewards of Stewart have a volunteer agreement and we routinely report to the DEC when we’ll be doing trail work. We also keep a copy of the agreement with us whenever we ride with our hand clippers and saws. If you want a pdf of the agreement please let me know at tomgus@warwick.net. You can print it off your PC. Be sure you have an Individual Volunteer Application on file with the DEC (if you are unsure of this contact me). We soon will plan and schedule our work days for this year and will post on our website as well on Facebook. If you have trail work suggestions please let us know. Thank you for your interest in Stewart State Forest and we look forward to another great year.