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From: "Stewards of Stewart" <tomgus@warwick.net>
Subject: Stewards of Stewart Volunteer Opportunity
Date: Mon May 16 03:16:18 2016

The NY/NJ Trail Conference invites trail working volunteers or wannabees to a special event at the historic Knox Head Quarters in Vails Gate, NY. The event includes a workshop and field experience to restore a popular trail on this historic site. Please visit the following website for more information and sign-up: http://nynjtc.org/workshop/trail-restoration-knox-hq-trail-u-1051 If you can’t make the May 8, 2016 meeting there will be other available dates for your participation. Contact Sona at 201-512-9348 x16 or at smason@nynjtc.org if you have any questions. Your efforts are greatly appreciated, thank you.