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  1. Stewards of Stewart Stewart Forest Meeting and News
    Sent November 8th 2015

    Stewart Forest Meeting and News The date and time for Stewart State Forest annual meeting hosted by the DEC will be November 24, 2015 at the Maybrook Senior Citizens Center from 6:30-8:00 PM, Veterans Memorial Park, Village of Maybrook, Orange County. The ...

  2. Stewards of Stewart Oct 25, 2015 Work Day Report:
    Sent October 26th 2015

    Five volunteers took on the challenge to improve a portion of the Orchard trail. As mentioned previously, the outer edge of the left turn on the rooty downhill near the upper portion of the trail was becoming more “crumbly” and getting larger. Using Pu...

  3. Stewards of Stewart Work Day Reminder for Sunday, 10/25/15
    Sent October 22nd 2015

    Weather forecast for Sunday looks very nice for doing trail work and riding afterwards. Reminder to meet up at Weed Road parking lot (just off route 207) to start our trail work at 09:00. Plan to work until 12:30ish leaving plenty of time for riding. Br...

  4. Stewards of StewartOctober 2015 Work Date
    Sent October 4th 2015

    Our next Stewards of Stewart work date is Sunday, October 25th. Meet at Weed Road parking lot in time to start work at 09:00. We plan is to remove the soft, crumbly outer edge of the downhill, sharp left turn that is immediately after the cut through t...

  5. Stewards of Stewart September 2015 Work Day Report
    Sent September 24th 2015

    On September 19th eleven young men and six adults constructed one of our “buritto” paths through the large mud wallow that exists during the wet season on Pittman-Robertson Trail, a hundred yards or so east of the Windsor trail intersection. Shoveling crus...

  6. Stewards of Stewart Reminder of the Stewards Work Day
    Sent September 17th 2015

    This is a quick reminder of the Stewards work day this Saturday, 9/19/15. We meet up between 8:30 and 9:00 at the Weed Road Parking lot. See you there. ...

  7. Stewards of StewartWork Day for September 19, 2015
    Sent September 6th 2015

    The tentative work day scheduled for September 13th is rescheduled for Saturday, September 19th. This is due to a conflict with the SPARC horse event on the 13th. The NYC group cannot make our September work day so we are relying on other volunteers to st...

  8. Stewards of Stewart Progress Report on August 2015 Work Day
    Sent August 16th 2015

    On the hot humid day of August 15, 2015 five SOS volunteers took on the challenge of improving and expanding the rock path through the Fiesta mud-wallow located on the South portion of Fiesta. This was a continuation of our effort from last year to see i...

  9. Stewards of StewartUpdate and Reminder
    Sent August 9th 2015

    On Friday, 8/7/15 two Stewards removed the downed tree across Scofield trail and decided to clear as much of Scofield North as they could in five hours. The result is that Scofield North is now “good-enough” and if anyone wants to improve the cutting and...

  10. Stewards of Stewart Work Day August 2015
    Sent August 2nd 2015

    August 15, 2015 is the target for our next work day in Stewart State Forest. The current plan is to re-visit the partially completed “causeway” through the mud wallow on the south portion of Fiesta. We’ll utilize the nearby rocks/stones and expand what...

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