Stewards of Stewart
SOS Group Rides

Our group rides are whenever we get a group of two or more riders. We are flexible in our starting location, days and time. We enjoy the forest and adapt our schedule to meet the needs of those not familiar with the trails or are simply looking for someone to ride with. Please contact us at to confirm where and when we'll be riding or if you have a request or question.

Or go to our Facebook page and generate a visitor post suggesting a meet-up ride with date, time and location.

We ride at a relaxed pace and may stop to clean, clear or trim overgrowth as required. No one gets left behind. When you've had enough we'll direct you out or bring you back.

We are a relaxed, mature, non-judgemental group. Bring your sense of humor, check your ego at the door, and expect to have some fun!

Happy Trails